Cartier Panthere Pendant Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold New Cartier Cord Gold Tips


Cartier Panthère Collection pendant, in solid 18k Yellow Gold, serviced at Cartier for polishing. It was preserved perfectly in the original box.

With new silk black cord with gold tips, purchased at Cartier.

The Cartier Panthère Collection is one of the most recognizable in the jewelry world.

How did Louis Cartier decide to use the panther in his jewelry design? 

In the early 20th Century, an artist by the name of Fernand Khnopff, painted an image of a lady panther.



The image began a symbolism of a panther as feminine and sensual, and soon celebrities of the time asked the famous designer Elise De Wolfe to decorate their home using panther patterns.

It was then that Louis Cartier and the Maison designed his first jewelry piece (a wristwatch) with a panther skin motif. It was 1914.

Since then, the Maison has made a symbol of the panther, that represents the powerful and sensuality of women.

In the numerous designs they have created throughout the years and to the present, the Panthère Collection is not only iconic, but a representation of all the inner strength and beauty of women.


Item Specifications: 

Stock id: 1597jepen


Primary metal type: 18k yellow gold

Purity: 18k


Pendant Dimensions: 


Length: 34.04 mm 

Width: 16.52 mm (from head to tail)



New Cartier black cord purchased at Cartier (see invoice). With gold tips that have the Cartier hallmark.



Serial Number: Preserved for potencial buyer, but you will see that the Cartier Service invoice reads "Serial Number D.....3". In the pictures you will see it's the same first and last letter and number.

Box: It was kept in the original Cartier box

Services: Yes, polished at Cartier (please see Service invoice in pictures)



Excellent. This iconic pendant was perfectly taken care of. It was kept in it's original box and we had it serviced at Cartier for polishing. We also purchased a new cord with gold tips at the Maison to prolongue its wear.


Conditions Report


Excellent: Nothing needs to be done to the piece. It looks as brand new.


Very Good: The piece may show light sings of wear due to be previously used. All of its components are in perfect conditions. No deep scuffs or scratches are shown. Might need a light buff to make it look as brand new.


Good: Piece shows signs of wear but all of its components are in place. Might show some scratches (usually photographed). Will need to be re-polished to look and feel new.


Fair: Pieces shows parts with excessive wear due to previous usage and age. Might have some of its components with chips or nicks, scratches and loss of rhodium. Generally it can be used like this but it would be recommended to treat it with care. Usually this pieces are 80 - 100 years old!! 


Poor: Though we try no to put this kind of items in the market a poor classification for a piece means missing or broken components. it will need to be repaired or reconditioned  in order to  use it. Can be useful as a part of a new project or converted into a different piece. These pieces are sold as is