If you are thinking on selling your jewelry keep us in mind, we can help. 

We understand that this could be a difficult task sometimes. When selling your Jewelry most of the times sentimental value is involved. While this sentimental value is "priceless" we would do our best to give you an offer that would make you feel respected. We usually ask for a price that you have in mind. We all know how much we paid for something or how much we are willing to take to let go of that piece. We understand you are not an expert and this "value" would only serve us as a guide to understand if your price is based on a reality or a sentiment. We know how much we are willing to pay for a determined piece of jewelry so this idealistic price you have in mind won't determine the price we are thinking on.

To give you a proper etimate we need:

  • Clear pictures of the item/s. This include a general picture of the item/s plus any detailed picture of marks or stamping that the item/s might have. 
  • Your intended price. (if there are more than one, you could give as a global figure, we'll brake it down)
  • Any information you can provide us related to the provenance of the item. Where was it purchased, when, from what brand, etc.
  • Any documentation you might have as certificates of authenticity, purchase invoice, valuation report from the original brand, original box, service pouch, etc. 

you can send your pictures to or via tex or Whatsapp to +1(786) 543 4223 or fill in the contact us form and we will give you a call.