About us

Santiago Terramagra is the founder and owner of TFJ. Born in a Family of jewelers in Buenos Aires, Argentina he grew up watching his Father’s passion for Fine Jewelry and Antiques. Graduated gemologist in the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), he loves Antique jewelry and appreciates craftsmanship. Loves to buy and sell and is very well known in the trade. 

My personal promise to you: 

Even if you are in another State or Country and we only have contact via email or phone, before you decide to purchase an item, I will study your precise requirements and be sure you (or we) are making the perfect choice. I understand what lies beneath the selection of jewelry and how complicated is that, even more, over an image on a computer. For that reason if you change your mind (perhaps the receiver of the gift does not love it), or do not feel completely satisfied, don’t worry you will have a full refund or exchange. 

Buying jewelry should always be an enjoyable experience.