About us

Special moments merit unique attention

Whenever you plan to purchase jewelry, it always means that something important is being acknowledged. 

It can be an anniversary, a gift for someone you care for, or a self awarding present!

Love is always in your mind when choosing jewelry.

This experience has to be personal, unique, and you must find exactly what you imagine. The perfect piece. 

My 20 years as a gemologist and jewelry business owner have taught me how to meet your expectations. 

And my main accomplishment is that you will have what you wished for.

Let me tell you a little about myself, so you know my story and why I have such passion for jewelry:

I was born in a family of jewelers. My father had his store in Buenos Aires, where I grew up. I helped in the store since I can remember.

I studied gemology and simultaneously went to law school. 

I graduated in both majors, and of course chose gemology and jewelry over law.

After my father passed away, my brothers, mother and I opened a brand new jewelry store, to start fresh.

We had our father’s good sense and our own experience from traveling all over the world to participate in jewelry exhibitions.

The store was very successful. Soon, we moved our new business to the most sought after Avenue in buenos Aires -Avenida Alvear-, and it was the top we could reach in Argentina.

It was time to go further, and we established ourselves in the USA. This is a great country!

My personal promise to you: 

Even if you are in another State or Country and we only have contact via email or phone, before you decide to purchase an item,  I will study your precise requirements and be sure you (or we) are making the perfect choice.

So my guarantee to you, because I do understand what lies beneath the selection of jewelry, is that if for any reason you change your mind (perhaps the receiver of the gift does not love it), or do not feel completely satisfied, do not worry: you will have a full refund or exchange. 

Buying jewelry should always be a pleasurable experience, in all it’s extent. 

Back in 1985, with my father Louie at his jewelry store.